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Thailand Taxis
Thailand Taxis


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Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Meter

At Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxis leave from the first level of the terminal, in front of Gates 4 and 7....

don mueang Airport Taxi Meter

At Don Mueang Airport Taxis stand is located in front of the domestic and international arrivals halls of the airport...

 Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike taxis are a common form of public transport in Thailand, one of alternative ways to get around Bangkok and most other cities, villages and tourist resorts in the Kingdom. Motorbike taxis are generally used for short trips or when passengers need to get somewhere fast. Thanks to its manoeuvrability, the bike can dodge the cars and quickly darting amid the traffic most chaotic. Doubtless, the motorbike taxis are the fastest way to get around the Thai cities, nevertheless, cannot say that they are the most economical and safe means to move within the towns. Taxis metered are cheaper although slower and definitely safer, instead the motorbike are probably the most dangerous. However, they are numerous everywhere, 60,000 bike registered for use as taxis in the capital alone, and appreciated by tourists and even more by the Thais. Motorbike taxi drivers are easily recognized. All licensed motorcycle taxi operators in Thailand wear vests, mostly orange or red with fluorescent strips, and the helmet, as per the law; most of drivers also carry a spare helmet to offer to passengers. Motorbike drivers can be spotted in groups near street corners, close to shopping centers, hotels or offices, in the busy roads, near places of tourist interest and beaches or in waiting of customer at the bus terminals, Skytrain and underground stations. Tariffs vary with the distance travelled, hours, the traffic, but above all depend on the regions, cities and even neighborhoods. Usually they are more expensive in the centre of capital and in beach resorts. Fares will start from 10 THB for short journeys on rural areas to 100 THB for a medium path, in the chaotic capital or beach resorts like Phuket and Pattaya. Late in the night, fares go up even more, sometimes even double. Do not forget that the bargaining is almost a rule of life in Thailand.

motorbike Thailand Taxismotorbike Thailand Taxis

bangkok travel transport

 Bangkok Public Transportations 

Thailand Trains

Trains are a good alternative to buses to get around Thailand, although the bus network is more widespread. Trains are slower of buses but cheaper...

sky train bangkok bts

Bangkok BTS Skytrain, discover all the interesting sites and activities surrounding each station, Move Easily and get experience through Bangkok...

bangkok mrt

Fast and efficient, the Mass Rapid Transit network (MRT) serves 18 stations Hua Lamphong in the South (near Chinatown) to Bang Sue in the north...

Tuk-Tuks & Song Thaews

Tuk-Tuk also called 'sam lor', three-wheeled vehicle, they are ubiquitous in Bangkok and symbolize the face more funny and colorful of the country...

Thailand Inland Waterways

The waterways have always had an important role in the history, culture and economic development of Thailand. Since ancient times of Ayutthaya...

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