Koh Mak Beaches

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Koh Mak Beaches

Koh Mak's main Bays

This is Koh Mak by Jomtien People

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North-West Coast

Ao Phra and Ao Lom are two small bays divided by a hilly promontory on north-western tip of Koh Mak, just west of large Ao Suan Yai. Ao Phra hosts a long and lovely white sandy beach but very thin, surrounded by shallow turquoise waters. A handful of accommodations are located between the beach and the narrow path linking the north-west coast and the south-west tip of Koh Mak. Ao Lom has not a particularly attractive beach, just two small stretch of white sand, both no long more than 100 meters, placed at opposite edges of bay. The bay is situated just opposite the little Koh Phi, roughly 500 meters away. The tiny uninhabited island is easily accessible with a kayak from the bay, and it is one of most popular spot for snorkelling boat trip.Read More  

Koh Mak

Eastern Coast

A large bay more then 2km long characterizes the east coast of Koh Mak. To the south it includes Ao Nid, the bay that hosts Baan Ao Nid the largest island's settlement, about 50 families, and the Ao Nid Pier, the main pier on Koh Mak. It is the departure and arrival point of most speedboats and ferries connecting Koh Mak to mainland and Koh Chang. Ao Nid is one of the less developed tourist areas on island, due to there aren't beaches or stretch of coastline that deserve the attention of tourists. However, the village is worth a visit. There are a couple of affordable accommodations, a Buddhist temple, and excellent restaurants serving fresh seafood, it could not be otherwise, given that most of the residents are fishermen. Ao Pai is a charming bay located to north of Ao Nid. The coastline here is sandy, with a quiet and uncrowded beach surrounded by crystal clear waters and a beautiful coral reef, which is a great destination for snorkelers. On the coastline there are a few hotel resorts with their own restaurants serving fresh seafood. Read More  

Koh Mak

Northern Coast

Koh Mak's northern coast is dotted by several tiny charming coves, however it is the least developed of all island. It extends from the sandy Ao Tao Khai, at west, to Ao Ta Long, Ao Taan and the easternmost Laem Son. The unique beaches worth visiting are those found in Ao Tao Kai and Laem Son. Haad Tao Kai, known as Turtle Beach, is a small secret beach on the northernmost tip of island, just north of Ao Suan Yai and easily accessible with a kayak. The beach in Laem Son is not particularly interesting itself, but it is the closer point to reach Koh Kradad by boat or kayak. The tiny island has a resident population that is dedicated to fishing and the cultivation of plants coconut. In its vegetation inside curiously lives a herd of deer. In this side of Koh Mak's coastline there are only two small resorts in bungalows, one is located in Ao Ta Long and one is in Ao TaanRead More  

Koh Mak

South-West Coast

Ao Kra Tueng is the bay located on the southwest tip of Koh Mak, adjacent to Ao Kao and its ideal continuation. Its beach, named Laem Tukata, is less beautiful of nearby Haad Ao Kao and hosts only one accommodation for tourists, but it is the ideal starting point to reach with a kayak the nearby Koh Rayang Nai, placed just in front 500 meters away.

Koh Mak

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