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Thailand - Sawasdee - สวัสดี

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 Thailand is not only the destination for your next holiday, but a place for an "Exciting Life Experience.” Known with nickname "The Land of Smiles", it is a happy country, friendly and fun lover, exotic and tropical, steeped in history and with a unique culture. Thailand is rightly renowned for its rich cultural heritage, glittering temples, amazing natural parks and stunning tropical beaches. "The thing that costs the least and does the most is a pleasant smile". It is a simple quote, however one that speaks volumes and its warm sentiment is one that is echoed in Thailand, and shows the synthesis of Thai life style.

 Fast Fact

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Thailand, ประเทศไทย "Prathet Thai" in Thai language, is the official name of the Kingdom of Thailand, ราช อาณาจักร ไทย "Ratcha Anachak Thai" in Thai, a country in Southeast Asia, formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam, สยาม in Thai. The term derives from ไทย, Thai, adjective that means "free" in Thai language.

 513.120 km2

 220v - 50hz

 Prefix +66

 GMT +7h

The country is situated between 7° and 21° of latitude and is bordered by Myanmar to the West, Laos to the Northeast, Cambodia to the East and Malaysia to the South.

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