Don Mueang Railway Station

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Don Mueang Railway Station

  •  Station Tel: 02 566 2957
  •  Help 24-7 service Tel: 1690
Don Mueang Railway Bangkok
Don Mueang Railway Bangkok
Don Mueang Railway Bangkok
 Train Schedules from/to Don Mueang Internationl Airport
TrainDon MueangHua LamphongTrainHua LamphongDon Mueang
Special Express 403.144.00Ordinary 3034.205.00
Rapid 1423.294.25Ordinary 3395.205.53
Express 743.404.35Special Express 215.456.29
Express 783.524.50Rapid 1356.407.39
Rapid 1084.125.10Rapid 1117.007.52
Express 684.495.50Express 758.209.05
Express 705.006.00Special Express 98.309.14
Special Express 145.346.30Ordinary 2019.2510.31
Special Express 25.586.50Express 7110.0510.51
Ordinary 3146.157.15Special Express 310.5011.40
Express 1406.257.30Ordinary 20911.2012.12
Ordinary 3066.437.50Ordinary 23311.4012.25
Rapid 1346.528.00Rapid 10912.4513.34
Ordinary 3167.118.20Ordinary 21112.5513.45
Ordinary 3427.338.40Ordinary 20714.0514.56
Ordinary 3447.338.40Rapid 14515.2016.09
Express 527.368.30Ordinary 31516.1017.03
Ordinary 3027.488.50Ordinary 30116.3017.24
Ordinary 3188.019.05Ordinary 31316.5017.46
Ordinary 2089.2410.20Ordinary 34117.1518.05
Ordinary 4109.4310.35Ordinary 34317.1518.05
Ordinary 34010.2011.10Ordinary 31717.2518.16
Ordinary 21211.1912.10Special Express 118.1018.57
Ordinary 20213.1414.05Ordinary 30518.2019.16
Ordinary 23413.2414.15Express 7718.3519.25
Express 7213.5514.50Rapid 13918.5519.42
Rapid 10614.1315.05Special Express 1319.3520.23
Express 7616.1717.10Rapid 10519.5020.33
Rapid 11217.0318.00Express 6920.0020.50
Rapid 13617.3818.40Rapid 10720.1021.01
Special Express 1219.2720.25Express 6720.3021.09
Ordinary 21019.4420.35Rapid 13320.4521.31
Rapid 14619.5521.00Express 7321.5022.35
Rapid 10220.0921.10Express 5122.0022.49
Special Express 2222.1522.55Rapid 14122.2523.11
Note all the services on the above train timetable are operated daily except trains marked:
  • Trains 303, 305, 306, 313, 324, 315, 317, 318, 339, 340, 341, 342 don't run on Sat. / Sun./ and Public Holidays
  • Train 301, 302 only runs on Sat. / Sun./ and Public Holidays
  • Train 343, 344 only runs on Public Holidays

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