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Tuk-Tuks & Song-thaews

Tuk Tuk Thailand
Tuk Tuk Thailand
Tuk Tuk Thailand

song-thaew thailandSong-Thaew

The song-thaews are passenger vehicles in Thailand adapted from a pick-up and used as a share taxi. Song-thaew in Thai language literally mean "two rows", reported to two bench seats fixed along either side of the back of the vehicle. A roof to which are attached curtains and plastic sheeting to keep out rain, in some areas of Thailand is closed on the two lateral sides, especially in the north, covers the back of the song-thaew. The access for customers is in the rear of the vehicle, where there are not doors. Song-thaews are part of the informal public transportation system in Thailand and are ubiquitous in all urban areas, with the exception of central Bangkok, small villages, rural areas and even in lots of beach resorts. Song-thaews are used both within cities and for longer routes between towns and villages, carrying indifferently passengers or goods, often together. In some areas, song-thaew have signs indicating their routes, in others is the color of vehicle, which identifies the destination. The system is not easy to understand, even to the locals, therefore always better to ask to the driver. Those within towns usually travel along fixed routes with a set fare, normally between 5 and 10 THB. For routes between city and town or village rates are higher but still economic, between 20 and 40 THB. The costs are negotiable, as typical Thai tradition, for all specific destinations, such as beaches, airports or places of tourist interest outside the city boundaries, and also if you want to travel alone. In addition to fixed stops, you can get a song-thaew along the streets with a simple hand gesture. When it stops, hop in the back and grab a seat on one of the benches. At moment, you want to get out press the buzzer inside the cab, when the song-thaew stops completely jump down and walk to the driver to pay for your ride.


song thaew Thailand
song thaew Thailand
song thaew Thailand

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