Koh Samet Island

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Koh Samet Island


  • Address Park Office: Hat Mae Rampeung-Phe Road, Ban Kon Ao, Rayong
  • Telephone: +66 3865 3034
  • Admission fee: 200 THB for adults and 100 THB for children

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Koh Samet

Ko Samet is located on the northeast coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 210 km southeast of Bangkok, and has an average temperature between 22° C and 32° C all year round. It is subject to annual monsoons that influence the climate dividing it in three seasons. The Cold Season is a dry period that runs from November to February and it is characterized by a constant sunny weather and the average temperature is between +22° C and +31° C. The Hot Season is a really warm period that starts in March until mid-May, when humidity is higher and temperatures range from 27° C to 35° C with occasional peaks even higher than 38° C. The Rainy Season in the Gulf of Thailand usually starts from May to November and is influenced by the southwest monsoon, however, the island has a microclimate of its own which makes Ko Samet one of the driest islands in Thailand. The rainy season extends only from May to July, but even during this season the island misses most of the heavy monsoons. The rainfall usually do not last more than a day and not more than a few hours, the sunny days are more frequent than cloudy. The average temperature during this time is between 27° C and 30° C with the humidity usually well over 70%.

Koh Samet

The regular ferries toward Ko Samet leave all year around from three different piers in Ban Phe, a small fishing village 20 km south of Rayong. The ferry ticket costs 50 THB for Thais and 100 THB for foreigners. There are also private speed boats to be hired at piers to make the trip faster and more comfortable, but even dividing the cost with other tourists they are much more expensive. The boat trip takes about 25-40 minutes, depending on the boat, the weather and on which part of the island it goes to. There are six piers on island: Ao Klang, Hat Sai Kaeow, Ao Phrao, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Thian, and Ao Wai. Located in Na Dan Village on the north coast, Ao Klang Pier is the port to mainland. The other piers are placed on the island's main beaches and are used by diving or excursion boats, as well as by the speed boats leading tourists directly to the various resorts. There is a small fee to be paid for access to the Park when you arrive on the island. Foreigner tourists pay each one 200 THB, 100 THB for the child, while the Thai citizens pay 40 THB for adult and 20 THB for the children. The tourists arriving by regular ferry can pay the fee at the park office near the pier. Those travelling with a private speed boat, or tour boats, and arriving directly at the beaches probably will meet an officer that collects the fee on the beach.

Koh Samet

The easiest way of travelling to Ko Samet is definitely the buses. If you are already in Bangkok, there are several bus and minibus options to reach Rayong or even Ban Phe piers. The most frequent departures are from Ekkamai, the Eastern Bus Terminal more close to Ko Samet, where buses leave every thirty minutes between 05:00 and 20:30 each day. The trip normally takes 3.30-4 hours depending on traffic and ends just opposite the ferry piers; the fare is about 200-250 THB. From Mo Chit, the Northern Bus Terminal, there is no direct service to Ban Phe, the buses leave every hour at a cost of 200 THB but reach only Rayong, from where you have to take a song-thaew to reach Ban Phe, about 20-30 THB for the ticket. The minibus services toward Ban Phe leave from Victory Monument, Khao San Road and Southern Bus Terminal. Departures are every one or two hours depending on the starting point and bring you directly to the ferry piers. The trip takes approximately 2.30-3 hours and the right cost is around 200-250 THB. From Pattaya the most common way to get to the piers is by minibus. There are daily departures at 08:00, 12:00, and 15:30; the minibuses leave Ban Phe for the return trip at 10:00, 17:15 and 13:30. The minibus ride takes only an hour or less, and the cost is around 250-350 THB per person.

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