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Thai trains are often old; anyway, first and second-class are quite comfortable. Trains are slow, but if you travel during the day, it is good opportunity to take landscape pictures. Thailand's trains have three classes. The first-class, available on long-distance trains, which provides private cabins with two seats and air conditioning, the seats inside are transformed into two beds. The second-class does not provide private cabins, it has wagons with bunk beds separated by curtains or seating with comfortable padded seats, both with or without air conditioning. The third-class carriages are often crowded and populated by street vendors. They are relatively comfortable, as well as very economical. There are several different types of train. The Ordinary Train, ORD, is the slowest; it has only third-class seats and is generally available only on short and medium distances. The Diesel Railcar, DRC, provides a service similar to ORD, only slightly faster. The Rapid Train, RAP, has a misleading name, just little faster than previous; it has second and third class and is used on long distances. The Express Train, EXP, and Special Express, SP EXP, are a little faster, have all three classes and are used on long distances, as well as the fastest Special Express Diesel Railcars, EXP DRC, which has only the second class. Nearly all long-distance trains have dining cars, and rail staff will bring meals to your seat.

 Rates & booking

Rates depend on the class of seats, whether with or without air-con, and on the speed of the trains, as there are surcharges on express trains. The third class seats are much cheaper than buses, for example: the journey Bangkok–Chiang Mai costs 271 THB. A second-class seat, on the usual journey, costs 431 THB with fan, 641 THB with air-con; a second-class upper berth with fan costs 531 THB and 581 THB for lower berth, while with air-con the prices are 821 and 751 THB. A first-class upper berth in private cabin costs 1,253 THB and 1,453 for lower berth, it means a two-person air-con sleeping compartment complete with washbasin. To find availability in first and second-class booking in advance is highly recommended, a few days for the seats and as soon as possible for bunks and sleeping cabin. The SRT has tried to make Advance Booking as easy as possible; in fact, you can book tickets up to 60 days ahead at any railway stations and up to 30 days ahead online. It has also launched the Online Booking in February 2009, but this became temporarily unavailable in September 2010 and then decided to discontinue definitively the service in January 2013.

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 Railway Stations

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

The station is within walking distance of Chinatown, near the bank of Chao Phraya River. It is easily reached by taxi, tuk-tuk or subway...

Don Mueang Railway Station

All trains of SRT that leave northbound from Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok pass through the station at Don Mueang Airport...

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