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Phi Phi Islands Beaches


Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Island is most north-easterly island of Phi Phi Archipelago, about 5 km from the northern tip of Phi Phi Don, and is a true tropical paradise. Known by locals as Koh Mai Phai, the stunning tiny island is just a short strip of white sand beach which rises from the sea, about 600 meters wide and 700 m long, with a shape like a heart. Its central part is covered with lush vegetation, mostly Casuarinas trees and the Bamboo trees, hence its name. On the north-eastern side of the island, under the shade of trees, there is a small bar for visitors, which serves drinks and snacks. Koh Mai Phai's beach is one of the most beautiful of all Phi Phi Islands. Constituted by soft white sand like talcum powder, the beach is surrounded by crystal turquoise waters. The stunning coral reef is close to the shore and offers an unforgettable underwater view to the snorkellers. The side of reef towards Phi Phi Don, known as Hin Klang, is rich of rocks covered with coral formations and teeming with marine life, a natural swimming pool that gives the feeling of swimming in an aquarium. Bamboo Island is the perfect spot for an excursion from Phi Phi Don with long-tail boats from Ton Sai Bay, 45-minute boat ride, or even better from Moken Sea Gypsies village on Laem Thong Beach, 15-minute ride. Although the island is also often by day trips from Phuket, as a stopover in the afternoon or for the lunch buffet time, the beach is most of the time never too crowded.Read More  

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Viking Beach

Hat Viking is a tiny beach located between the eastern end of Ton Sai Bay and Long Beach. The two beaches are separated by a small rocky cape covered with lush vegetation which houses Viking Natures Resort. The resort’s restaurant is right on the eponymous beach and offers the perfect spot for lunching or dining in very quiet and idyllic settings. Snorkelling is great on the two sides of the 25-metre beach, and the foliage offers cool shading. The short trail through the jungle to get there is not that difficult; it starts at the back side of the Arayaburi Resort and ends at Tonsai East.Read More  

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Phak Nam Bay

Phak Nam Bay, also known as Relax Bay, is located on the eastern coast of Phi Phi Don, just south of Loh Bagao. It is a secluded cove with a 400-metre long sandy beach and a small fishing village. You can reach it easily with a long-tail boat or on foot, a long but pleasant walk from Ton Sai Bay, first climbing the hill leading to the View Point and then going down through the jungle. In the wild and beautiful white beach is one Resort for those seeking peace and tranquility.Read More  

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Nui Beach

Nui Beach is settled in a tiny cove located to west of Lana Bay on the northwest coast of Phi Phi Don. Framed by tall karsts offering excellent rock climbing opportunities, it is a renowned spot among snorkelling enthusiasts. The limestone karts include one of Phi Phi’s landmarks, the Camel Rock that juts out from the sea right in front of beach adding a exotic feel to the bay. You can get there by long-tail boat from Loh Dalum for a few hundred baht, or by hiking through the jungle from Loh Lana or Loh Bagao, although the trail is steep and tricky. Read More  

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