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Luxury Train Cabins

Pullmans: is the least expensive accommodation on the E&O. A cosy compartment with sofa & fold-out table by day, convertible into upper & lower berth at night. It has a small en suite washroom with toilet, washbasin & shower. Staterooms: is a large compartment with twice floorspace, with a sofa and armchair by day, convertible into two lower beds at night. It has a small en suite washroom with toilet, washbasin & shower. Presidential Suite: is the E&O's best accommodation, there are just two on the train. The suite offers two inviting single beds, additional seating area with sofa, chairs and table during the day, and an expanded bathroom. Each cabin has air conditioning.

Classic Journey Bangkok to Singapore

1st Day: Depart from Hua Lamphong Railway Station, settle into private cabin meanwhile the train rolls through Bangkok to countryside. Dinner served in one of the luxurious dining cars and later relax at Bar Car. 2nd Day: After breakfast, disembark at River Kwai Bridge for a cruise along the river, later visit to a war museum and war cemetery. 3rd Day: Spend the morning watching the scenery as the train travels through Malaysia. After brunch, arrive at Kuala Kangsar. Disembark for a tour of the Ubudiah Mosque, Royal Museum of Perak and Sultan Shah Gallery. Restart of the train train, refreshing cocktail accompanied by live music and the last dinner on board. 4th Day: Arrive in Singapore.

 Fare & Booking

The fare from Bangkok to Singapore, or vice versa, by Eastern & Oriental Express range from 2,200 to US$ 2,500 per person in a Pullman compartment, from 3,200 to US$ 3,600 per person in a Stateroom compartment or from 4,800 to US$ 6,000 per person in a Stateroom compartment depending on the departure date, and assuming two people travel together and share. For solo travellers are available only places in few Pullman compartments, the fares range between 3,000 to US$ 3,600. More information and reservations can be made at the Website: www.belmond.com/eastern-and-oriental-express

 Departure dates 2017

Southbound departures from Bangkok to Singapore (4 days, 3 nights): 3 January, 26 January, 5 February, 14 February, 23 February, 5 March, 14 March, 24 March, 26 April, 19 September , 28 September , 10 October, 22 October, 1 December, 25 December. Northbound departures from Singapore to Bangkok (3 days, 2 nights): 19 January, 1 February, 10 February, 19 February, 1 March, 10 March, 19 March, 2 April , 22 April , 14 September , 24 September , 15 October, 27 October, 6 November , 18 November , 27 November , 21 December.


Southbound: Bangkok depart 17:50 on 1st day, River Kwae Bridge arrive 08:30 2nd day, Kanchanaburi depart 11:00 2nd day, Kuala Kangsar 13:45-16:20 3rd day, Kuala Lumpur Historic Station 22:40-00:15 3rd day, Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint arrive 11:00 on 4th day. Northbound: Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint depart 15:00 on 1st day, Kuala Lumpur Historic Station 01:00 2nd day, Kuala Kangsar 08:00-10:15 2nd day, River Kwai Bridge arrive 10:45 3rd day, Kanchanaburi depart 12:00 3rd day, Bangkok arrive 16:45 on 3rd day.


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 Railway Stations

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

The station is within walking distance of Chinatown, near the bank of Chao Phraya River. It is easily reached by taxi, tuk-tuk or subway...

Don Mueang Railway Station

All trains of SRT that leave northbound from Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok pass through the station at Don Mueang Airport...