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Koh Tao Beaches

Koh Tao's most popular Beaches


Koh Tao Thailand Paradise by MrPeti36

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Ao Hin Wong

Located in north-east coast of Koh Tao, Ao Hin Wong is one of the most isolated bays in the island. Along the shore there are only two sets of bungalows, hence the very tiny sandy beach that lies in the bay is always quiet and uncrowded even in high season. In front of Ao Hin Wong is located the Hin Wong Pinnacle, a large rock formation that attracts the diving enthusiasts, and is a regular destination of some diving schools.Read More  

Koh Tao

Ao Laem Thian

Ao Laem Thian is a small isolated bay in the middle of Koh Tao's eastern coast. Reach the bay is not easy. You can approach it with the concrete road leading from Mae Haad to east coast, but the last part is a walk path through the lush vegetation, almost impracticable during the rainy season, so the best way to reach Ao Laem Thian is to use a longtail boat from Mae Haad. In the small and uncrowded bay is placed only one bungalow resort. The pristine white sandy beach is strewn with granite boulders and surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, where often are spotted small sharks and turtles.Read More  

Koh Tao


Ao Lang Khai

Ao Lang Khaai is a small rocky cove without beach on the eastern coast of island, just south the larger Ao Tanote. The entire edge of the bay is full of polished granite stones surrounding the crystalline waters, an ideal spot for snorkelers and divers, though during the monsoon season strong waves and currents make it one of most dangerous on Koh Tao. The bay hosts only a small bungalow resort placed directly on the sea.Read More  

Koh Tao

Ao Chalok

Ao Chalok Ban Khao is the large bay located in the extreme south of Koh Tao, right in front of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Smaller than Sairee, the bay hosts a large range of accommodations, shops, health clinics, restaurants and night bars, all located along its main beach in the centre of bay. The golden sandy beach is quite small and surrounded with shallow clear waters, as most of the beaches of Koh Tao. In addition to it the bay hosts other three stunning beaches, namely the private Freedom Beach and Taa Toh lagoon to the east, and Haad Saan Jao to the west. Long-tail boats are moored all around the bay waiting to tourists who want make boat day trip.Read More  

Koh Tao

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