Koh Ngam
Tambon Koh Chang Tai, Trat - Koh Chang ( Koh Ngam )
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Koh Ngam

Koh Ngam is a small island located very close to the south-eastern tip of Koh Chang, just a couple of hundred metres away from the Koh Chang Naval Memorial at Yutha Navy Beach. The particular shape of the island makes it unique among the small islands around Koh Chang. Koh Ngam consists, in practice, of two hilly islands joined together by a sandbar with crescent-shaped sheltered bays on either side, like a smaller version of Koh Phi Phi Don, in the southern Thailand. The two opposing small white sand beaches, fine as talcum powder, increase in width at low tide. The two small bays formed by the island's hills are truly spectacular, sheltered from the storms are a great place for snorkelling, fishing or just swimming in peace. Koh Ngam is a private island or maybe it's more accurate to say that so thinks the owner, a businessman from Koh Kood, who had built here the Analay Resort. The island is due to a legal dispute that has gone on for several years between the alleged owner and the authority of Koh Chang National Park who claimed ownership of Koh Ngam and has taken possession of it in 2010, and resort was closed. After a new appeal to the court, the legal owner won and regained the island, but the dispute is not over yet and, at date July 2016, the Analay Resort is still closed.
Getting there - To reach Koh Ngam you must follow the eastern coastal road until the extreme south, then 1 km after The Spa Koh Chang turn left and follow signs for Long Beach. After an initial still paved starts a dirt road with steep climbs and descents even more dangerous, all it eroded by rain and almost impassable unless you have a good vehicle 4 × 4 and good familiarity with the vehicle. Some crazy daredevils venturing up to Long Beach on a scooter, is definitely preferable to a motocross bike, but it's not recommended you imitate, if you value your physical integrity. Reached Long Beach, you can rent a kayak at Treehouse Resort or at the small bar and restaurant located at end of dirty road few hundred meters ahead, past Yuthanavy Naval Memorial and just in front of Koh Ngam. Definitely, the best and safest way to getting to Koh Ngam is to drive, or take a shared song-thaew, until Salak Phet Bay on the south-eastern tip of Koh Chang and hire a boat. You can ask information to the Park Rangers, directly at long pier or at Salak Phet Seafood Restaurant. A daily boat trip costs between 1,500 and 2,000 THB, and in addition to Koh Ngam you can also include the visit to the other islands inside the Salak Phet Bay, such as Koh Phrao Nai, Koh Phrao Nok, Koh Mapring and even the slightly farest Koh Lao Ya and Koh Mai See Yai.
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Average: 1.5 (4 votes)

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