Wai Chek Beach
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Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat - Koh Chang ( Wai Chek )
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Wai Chek Beach

Hat Wai Chek is one of the last unspoiled and wild beaches on Koh Chang. Often reffered as Wai Chaek, the lovely half moon white sand beach is placed on island's southernmost tip near Salak Phet Bay, exactly opposite Koh Klum. There aren’t essential services on beach, as water, electricity or phone line. The shore is surrounded by crystal clear waters of a beautiful turquoise colour perfect for swimming and snorkelling. At the southern end, there’s a freshwater lagoon, usually used as a camping area by Thai hippies and backpackers. At the northern end, up on the hill, there are a few bungalows in straw, a small restaurant and chill-out area. Managed by Ting Tong Bar from Lonely Beach, the Wai Shak Bungalows essential eco-resort is the only facility on Hat Wai Chek.
Getting there - Located approximately 29 km south of Ao Sapparot Pier, this area of the island is without access road. A few years ago, was a planned a road linking Bang Bao to Wai Check Beach and then to Salak Phet, just a couple of kilometers to complete the coastal road circle, but the project was never completed. Nowadays, the only way to get the beach is to follow all the east coast paved road until Salak Phet, and then venture, with 4×4 or scooter, along the dirt path leading to the beach, just a couple of kilometers but very uncomfortable. In alternative, the more comfortable and safe way to get to this secluded beach is by boat from Bang Bao or Salak Phet, about 4 km boat ride from both.
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Average: 1.5 (4 votes)

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