Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
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atop Doi Kong Mu Hill, Tambon Pang Mu - Mae Hong Son ( Mae Hong Son )
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Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, formerly known as Wat Plai Doi, sits atop Doi Kong Mu, the high hill overlooking Mae Hong Son from west. Built in 1860, the temple complex consists of several structures, including two large white chedis, a viharn and a ubosot in finest Shan style. However, the temple situated 250 meters above the city is most famous for the stunning view of whole valley below, one of the best panoramic points in all of Thailand. The summit of Doi Kong Mu provides 360 degree views of Chong Kham Lake, Mae Hong Son, the Maenam Pai valley and the airport to one side and the forested hills of Burma to the other side. The hill is an ideal point to watch both the sunrise and sunset. At sunset, the sun disappears with beautiful glow behind the Burmese mountains, however, the best time to visit the temple is doubtless early in the morning, when the morning mists accumulate in the valley, a vision that gives a spectacular unforgettable emotion. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is notable for its two large whitewashed chedis in Burmese style, which are also the oldest structures of the temple. The largest one was built in 1860 to enshrine the ashes of revered Burmese monk Phra Moggallana, one of the chief disciples of the Buddha. The lower section of chedi consists of several elusive levels octagonal-shaped. Around the base are niches enshrining images of the Buddha. The chedi is topped by a gilded spire. The smaller chedi enshrines the ashes of Phaya Singhanataraj, the first Shan ruler of Mae Hong Son, who built the structure in 1872. The lower section of chedi consists of several square shaped tiers of diminishing size. At each of its four corners is a Chinthe, a lion standing guard accompanied by a Naga snake. Niches standing in front of the chedi enshrine Burmese style Buddha images. The chedi is topped with a golden spire. Behind the two chedis there is a small open-fronted viharn with a nice multi tiered roof in classic Shan style, receding in size towards the top. The edges of roof are adorned with metal fretworks. To reach the ubosot, the ordination hall, situated higher and a little away from the chedis, you have to face the last steep slope leading to the top of the hill. The large edifice in Shan style lies on a horizontal axis, allowing a wide view of the building when approached from the front. The simple interior enshrines the principal Buddha image in subduing Mara posture, as well as several other images. The roof comprises of several sections of receding size. At the center is a Pyatthat, a multi tiered roof in Shan style topped with a golden HTI, an umbrella-shaped ornament. Outside the ubosot there is a further small chedi and a beautiful statue of standing Buddha.
Admission fee & Opening hours: The temples are open daily from 06:30 until 18:00. Admission is free, although donations are highly appreciated.
Getting there: The temple is located atop Doi Kong Mu, almost one kilometer west of Chom Kham Lake. The easiest and most comfortable way to get there is by tuk-tuk from town. Alternatively, you can reach the temple on foot walking for about 1.7 km from the city center. Two paths lead up the 250 meter high hill. The most challenging path departs from the Wat Phra Non, and consists in a steep staircase leads halfway up the hill and then joins into the second easier path that starts from Wat Muo Taw.
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