Koh Naka Yai & Koh Naka Noi
Koh Naka Yai & Koh Naka Noi
Tambon Pa Klok, Amphoe Thalang - Phuket ( Naka Islands )
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Koh Naka Yai & Koh Naka Noi

Naka Islands are two picturesque islands just off the northeast coast of Phuket. Koh Naka Yai is the bigger of the two islands. It is quite large but rather unknown and still undeveloped. Despite its proximity to the coast of Phuket there is no electricity on the island apart some private generators. However, there are two resorts available if you are planning to stay overnight on Koh Naka Yai. On the western side of the island there is also a small fishing village. The island has four main beaches; most are wide and sandy shaded by tall coconut palms. The longest beach is on the eastern side. It has been set up to accommodate the many day-trippers who return from the tour to Pha Nga Bay, and consequently it is often crowded. The majority of day trips to Phang Nga Bay include a stop at one beach in their itinerary, and this beach is the more beautiful on route. There is a long line of deckchairs, a single beach bar and a few other vendors which selling drinks and fresh juices. Activities include relaxing on the beach, fishing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, jet-skis and banana boats. The other shorter beach on the east coast is home to Tentanakara Resort, one of two resorts on the island. This beach is quiet as the day-trippers all go to the other beach. All along the eastern shore the views across Phang Nga Bay and its towering limestone karsts is simply breathtaking. The small local population lives in the village on the west coast, where a pier and a long narrow beach is. There are also some basic provision shops. The other major beach of island is on its northwest corner. This is the location of the luxury 5-star Six Senses Sanctuary Spa, the other resort on the island. Koh Naka Noi is the smaller of the two islands, and is located south of Koh Naka Yai. It has a single long beach which runs around the north and western side of the island. It is a beautiful, pristine and unspoiled stretch of white sand surrounded by coconut palms. This island is also known as Pearl Island, as it is home to a pearl farm. Several of the day trips boats stop here for a tour of the farm and its show room. Apart from the pearl farm, the island has no other facilities and is totally undeveloped.
What to Expect - The most common way to visit the Naka Islands is as part of a Phang Nga Bay excursion which provides at return a stop on its larger eastern beach to enjoy snorkelling and swimming. The majority of these tours include the transfer by minivan from your hotel, the roundtrip by speedboat from Laem Hin Pier in Phuket Town to Phang Nga Bay, lunch buffet, tropical fruit, drinking water, snorkelling equipment, tour guide and insurance. Prices of tours range from 1,600 to 2,500 THB depending on the company and eventual options chosen.
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