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A Guide To Health & Wellness Holidays In Thailand

  • A Guide To Health & Wellness Holidays In Thailand

A Guide To Health & Wellness Holidays In Thailand

Health is life. Greater importance should been put on your health and wellbeing for a fulfilling life. Maintaining a healthy routine and taking vacations to exotic places around the globe can be a mental cleanliness as well as physical wellness exercise. One of the greatest spots for vacations is Thailand; a beautiful country in the region of South East Asia. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway or seeking to spend a weekend in a complete relaxation heaven, Thailand is the go to place.

Thailand is one of the best locations to travel for it has the most popular health and wellbeing retreats in Asia.

Let's look at some of the best aspects of Health and Wellness holidays in Thailand:

1. Thai Sanctuary
When you are planning a trip to the Thai region, keep Haad Tien Bay in Thailand in your plans. It is a beautiful coastal location where The Sanctuary provides a detoxing, cleansing, and some yoga treats which are the embodiment of fitness and wellbeing. Oxygen therapy in the form of a portable oxygen concentrator is available when taking short breaks towards the small hills surrounding the region. Portable oxygen concentrators are used when the already present ambient oxygen is very low and more of it is required. Simply put, the aim of the Sanctuary is a great place to create the process of detoxing and healing.

2. Kamalaya
This is a must visit spa and sanctuary for a spiritual esque experience located at the southern coast of Koh Samui. At the centre of this place is a cave which is said to be a worshipping and meditation hub of the Buddhist monks. The stay at the sanctuary is very good treat for the peace of mind and body as there are various programmes for the visitors to get the health benefits out of them. Weight loss, burnout, detoxification, mental illness and other health related issues are included within these visitor programmes. The spa is lit with unique villas and suites of which some include outdoor bathrooms for bathing under the moonlight! These suites are not very expensive and definitely provide value for many as far as the health and wellness treatment is concerned.

3. Samahita
Another paradise located on the southern coast of Koh Samui is the Samahita which literally means to be focused, to be balanced. The trademark of Samahita is the brilliant yoga in all its forms, which can help you focus on your meditative healing and spiritual bonding. These exercises are often in the form of groups which become part of your family, a mini community, or a tribe with the same meditative and wellbeing goals. There are different packages offered by the professionals, which include yoga therapy services, quality food, accommodation, and a wide range of other add ons. These are available are very affordable costs as far as the expensive Thai tourism is concerned.

4. Chiva-som in Hua Hin
A health resort set in the gardens of the Thai tropical parks which attracts a number of locals as well as international visitors. Not only this, many celebrities often visit this place to restore their spirituality and achieve balance within their ownselves. Along with the intangible side of wellness, the physical side of things is also treated here using unconventional techniques. Professionals are available to help you with the physical shortcomings charging a nominal fee. For your liking you can experiment with different ranges of different treatment options. Stress therapy, skin care, hair treatment, massage therapy and other health related concerns are included in the packages offered by the professionals.

5. Phuket Island
The Phuket Island has a modern spa which is secreted in a quiet area of Cape Panwa. There are a ton of activities which can be experienced. These include Thai boxing, Pilates, boat paddling, or deep yoga. Another good thing about this place is the superior quality of food available here. Pure and rich in nutrients, the food is considered a major factor in the wellbeing of the visitors. Organic food is prepared and ready to serve as well as on order preparation is available too. There is great value for money at this Island. To sum up, there are different ways to make the most out of these locations.

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