Wualai Saturday Walking Street
Wualai Saturday Walking Street
Wua Lai Road, Tambon Hai Ya - Chiang Mai ( Mueang )
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Wualai Saturday Walking Street

Wualai Walking Street, also known as Saturday Market, is a lively and fun night market that takes place in Chiang Mai just a few steps of the old city walls and about fifteen minutes walk from Tha Phae Gate. It extends southwest of the city's moat for about a kilometre along the Wui Lai Road until it meets the Thipanet Road, an area of Chiang Mai historically known for its silver craftsmen and several silver shops that will remain open until late to get you in and take a look. The Wualai Walking Street is open every Saturday from 4.00 pm till 11.00 pm with a few stalls remaining open even until midnight. Like in other outdoor markets in Chiang Mai, the road is closed to all vehicular traffic so you can browse the goods on display, bargain with vendors for a good price and strolls around without traffic worries. The Saturday Walking Street is a smaller version of the Sunday Walking Street and, even though the spot has become fairly popular with tourists lately, is more geared toward the locals and there aren’t the same crowds of people, so the stroll is much more leisurely. Here you’ll see some of the same street performers and the same stalls selling hill tribe trinkets, handicraft items, carved soaps, T-shirts and locally-made products such as on Sunday Market, but you’ll also find some more interesting stands offering clothing and accessories from local designers, Thai musical instruments, Buddha and original paintings. Do not miss the opportunity to look around and discover the authentic northern silver jewellery, lacquer wares, woodcarvings, herbal remedies, paper lanterns and umbrellas. Of course, many people come here for the food as much as the shopping. There are plenty of food stands selling snacks to eat while you stroll, including sweets made from coconut, fruit shakes and satay, but if you’re looking for more of a substantial meal, try one of the stalls serving hot Thai food like noodles, barbequed fish, som tam, fried rice and pad Thai. Grab a seat at a plastic table close to the stall you want to eat at then go up to the stall to order. After finishing your shopping and eating a bit of food you can rest in one of the side massage cabins, there’s no better way to end you evening at Wualai Walking Street.
How to get there: if you're already within the old city walls, you can get there by red songthaew or tuk tuk, simply ask the driver to take you to the Wualai Market. A shared songthaew should only cost 20 baht per person and a tuk tuk 100 baht per ride from Tha Phae Gate. If walking, the market is just a few steps from Chiang Mai Gate and about fifteen minutes from Tha Phae Gate.
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Average: 2.2 (5 votes)

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