Sound Up
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Moon Muang Rd Lane 1, Tambon Phra Sing - Chiang Mai ( Mueang )
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Sound Up

Sound Up is one of the largest and cheapest nightclubs in Chiang Mai. Set on multiple floors, the disco is located near the south-east corner of the old walled town, not far from the Tha Pae Gate. Once known as the Mandalay Nightclub, the venue is enjoying a new life as one of the best night spots for listening to music, dancing and drinking inside the Old Town. The huge dance floor on the basement seems more oriented towards more mature crowds, mostly Thais, while upstairs there is a younger audience. The nightclub is also one of favourite night spots by gays and lesbians. Sound Up also has occasional live stage acts and offers a good selection of drinks. The 300 baht admission charge, only for foreigners, gives unlimited free mixers. If you're in a limited budget, you can go with some friends and get a bottle of SangSom Thai Rum for just 500 baht when you enter. More  

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Average: 1.6 (7 votes)

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