Zoe In Yellow
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40/12 Ratvithi Road - Chiang Mai ( Mueang )
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Zoe In Yellow

Conveniently located near the Tha Pae Gate, inside the old city walls, Zoe In Yellow is the favourite night spot among backpackers in Chiang Mai. The venue is part of a complex of open-air bars at the corner of Ratchaphakhinai and Ratwithi roads in the Old Town, where each bars offer slightly different music, ranging from dance, pop, hip hop to drum'n'bass, techno and reggae. Zoe In Yellow consists of an open-air beer garden and an indoor club with a dance floor. The live music here ranges from Rock to Reggae, while the DJs play Top 40 Dance, House and Techno music. The vast majority of the public are Western tourists in casual clothes. Zoe in Yellow is open every night from sunset to midnight and frequently hosts parties, occasionally with special entertainment such as B-boy shows and Fire shows. The venue features four bars offering a wide selection of local and international beers, cocktails, buckets, spirits as well as an extensive wine list. Drinks are very reasonable in all the bars and every Tuesday there is also a Happy Hour from 8pm to 10pm. While there is no food available at Zoe In Yellow, nearby bars serve Thai favourite dishes and authentic Indian food until late.Read More  

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Average: 1.8 (6 votes)

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