Katathong Golf Resort
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51 Moo 4 Thung Kha Ngok - Krabi ( Phang Nga )
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Katathong Golf Resort

Katathong Golf Resort & Spa is a 18-hole course located in Thung Kha Ngok sub-district of Phang Nga Province, about 90 Km north of Krabi Town. This beautiful golf course is nestled between three stunning misty mountains: Khao Nang Hong, Khao Tao and the tallest Katathong Mountain recognised by its gently curved summit. The club house is designed in charming Sino-Portuguese architectural style and decorated with memorabilia from the mining era. There are even authentic rusting relics of the industrial mine that can still be seen from the fairway. The stunning golf course offers lush green mountain views from every angle with courses that follow the natural contours of the land featuring undulating hills, sand traps and a beautiful natural reservoir. But the course is not as tranquil as you might expect, with an abundance of natural waterfalls and streams, the air is filled with the sounds of cascading water. Players will enjoy the challenges offered by the narrow fairways that require more strategic thinking, precision and accuracy, and the Par 3 courses that go up as well as down. Above all Katathong is a sanctuary for golfers who arrive to play golf, but leave with a deeper respect for nature. Katathong Resort & Spa is located in a prime area of Katathong Golf Course, where a touch of nature meets modern style of living. This is a home of comforts for a golfer and travellers who want to engage themselves with a relaxing day off privately or with their close ones, in our warm cozy decorative rooms.
Getting there: Katathong Golf Resort & Spa is located in Thung Kha Ngok sub-district of Phang Nga Province, about 90 Km north of Krabi Town. The easiest way to get there from downtown by car is to follow Route 411 northbound, then turn left on Highway 4, the Phet Kasem Road which runs just outside the centre and leads to Phuket. Follow Highway 4 for approximately 80 km, then turn right onto Route 4090 which leads to Khao Lak; the golf course is just 8 km after the intersection.
Green Fee Visitor: 9 Holes 1,750 THB, 18 Holes 3,500.
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