Club Insomnia & Ibar
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Walking Street - Pattaya ( South Pattaya )
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Club Insomnia & Ibar

Packed by crowds seven nights a week, Insomnia on Walking Street is the best nightlife hotspot in Pattaya. The entertainment complex combines the very popular Club Insomnia night club, the downstairs Insomnia iBar, the stylish iSalon beauty salon, and the New York Diner restaurant overlooking Pattaya Bay into a single venue. Present from several years in Pattaya's entertainment scene, Insomnia was opened as nightclub in an area behind the Walking Street and quickly became one of best late-night spots in Pattaya. Some years later, the venue was moved to its current location, in the heart of Walking Street, in a larger edifice but still preserving its characteristic long and thin layout. Located on ground floor, the Insomnia iBar features two distinctive zones: an indoor bar and an outdoor terrace overlooking Pattaya bay, so you can easily find your space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay. Open from 21.00 to late, the iBar plays a mixture of hip-hop, house and Thai music to ensure no musical taste is left wanting. The indoor area is also home to several competition standard pool tables, where monthly ladies, gents and doubles competitions take place for top prizes. Located upstairs, Club Insomnia is a stylish venue with a cutting-edge sound system, amazing visuals and breathtaking light effects. The nighclub features six cocktail bars, VIP areas and several elevated dance platforms with dancers. The resident DJ’s know the crowd, they keep it with high-energy dance music, popular favorites and upfront education of the listeners. No other crowd gets more pleasure or has a wilder time than right here. From internationally renowned monthly guest DJ’s to live P.A’s, vocalists and instrumentalists, every night is a party unlike any other. You can choose any of six bars to soak up the flavor or mix up a cocktail, the professional English speaking service team and management are always available to answer questions and give you updates on what’s happening in the venue. Firmly established and recognized as the best entertainment venue in Pattaya, Insomnia is the standard bearer for showcasing the latest lights and sound technology and the most upfront music in Thailand. Situated right by the water, overlooking Pattaya bay, New York Diner offers a wide selection of classic American diner meals, pizzas and all Thai cuisine favorites. Open all night from 5pm till 7am, at New York Diner you can enjoy waterfront dining at affordable prices in the hippest restaurant on Walking Street.Read More  

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Average: 3.4 (15 votes)

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