Marine Disco
Disco Club : #NightLife
Walking Street - Pattaya ( South Pattaya )
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Marine Disco

Marine Disco is definitely the oldest nightclub in Pattaya. According to a legend, the disco was already open in a different location at the time of the Vietnam War, when American marines came to Pattaya for relaxing breaks. Ignoring the legend, it's a certain fact that the Marine Disco has been present on the Pattaya' entertainment scene for over thirty years, since an old fishing village has been turned into the popular resort of today. The nightclub is located in the heart of Walking Street, the pedestrian area where all Pattaya' night life takes place. Over the years, Marine has been renovated several times, always hitting the goal of being a reference point for good music, fun parties and beautiful Thai girls. Next to the escalator providing access to the club is a bar where you can watch the famous Thai ladyboys in hot performances. The venue is really huge, maybe too much, in fact lately some billiards have been placed inside. There is also a big stage for live bands, but they aren't playing every day, usually only one or twice a week, Friday and Saturday, when Marine Disco it's crowded. Marine is one of the favourite nightclubs from Thai freelancers and ladyboys. Among these sex workers the disco is also known as Chicken’s farm, since the disk is used by them to catch tourists jokingly called chickens. Playing house and EDM music, Marine gets really busy around 01:00 and remains that way until the early morning.Read More  

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Average: 2.9 (11 votes)

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