Mu Ko Phi Phi
Phi Phi Don, Tambon Ao Nang - Krabi ( Ao Nang )
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Mu Ko Phi Phi

Mu Ko Phi Phi is a small archipelago of six islands in Southern Thailand located about 50 km east of the Phuket coast and 40 km west of Krabi mainland of which they are administratively part. The islands are a veritable tropical paradise, six small amazing jewels in the middle of Andaman Sea with a wonderful landscape including green lush hills and towering limestone cliffs that overlook stunning bays, pristine white sand beaches with incredible turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs teeming with marine life. The entire archipelago is part of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, a real must see destination to divers and snorkellers. Phi Phi Islands are one of Thailand’s most famous tourist destinations, which attracts each year millions of visitors in search of their hidden corner of paradise. Phi Phi Don is the largest island of the group and the only one with inhabitants, facilities and hotels. Definitely it's a small corner of unspoiled tropical paradise far away from busy everyday life. There are no cars on Phi Phi Don, the only motor vehicles allowed are reserved for emergency services; the few and narrow concrete roads on island are limited to Baan Ton Sai, port and main village. Links between the village and all other bays, including Laem Tong where is located the other ferry pier, are just narrow dirt paths to cross on foot by bicycle; this is the only way to move around beyond the classic Thai long-tail boats. Baan Ton Sai is the largest settlement on island, here is the port of arrival of most boats and the vital part of the island. Close to Laem Thong Beach, in the northeast tip of island, there is also a small village of Moken Sea Gypsies, known by the locals as Chao Ley. Ton Sai village is characterized by two secluded coves opposite each other, Ton Sai Bay and Loh Dalum Bay. The second largest island is Phi Phi Leh, it is uninhabited but well known thanks to its stunning Maya Bay, as it was the site of the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. The view you get when you cross the access by sea is breathtaking.Maya Bay is a stunning enclosed cove sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs on three sides, a natural amphitheatre that is unmatched on the face of the earth. The cove has a main beach, about 200 meters long, with a soft white sand like talcum which is considered among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The unique show offered by the bay is even more remarkable in the surrounding waters. The underwater world offers a wonderful view of beautiful colorful corals and tropical fish that swim in crystal waters of an incredible turquoise color, the whole bay is in fact a large shallow reef. In reality, as in the imagination of the movie, Maya Bay is the true tropical paradise that everyone hopes to find. The rest of the islands in the archipelago, which includes Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Koh Mai Phai aka Bamboo Island and Koh Yung aka Mosquito Island, are little more of white sandy strips or limestone rocks jutting out of the sea.Admission fee: 400 THB per adults and 200 THB per children.
Get to Phi Phi Islands: Archipelago is easily accessible from Phuket or Krabi with regular ferry services throughout the year. Ferries leave daily, with frequent departures, from the docks of Krabi and Ao Nang, at a cost of 400/500 THB per way, or from Rassada Pier in Phuket Town, at a cost of 500/700 THB. Alternatively you can get to Phi Phi Don, or all other islands of archipelago, with a day trip by speedboat from Krabi or Phuket, roughly the cost of the single rental is between 6,000-8,000 THB for whole day. Due to the fact all Phi Phi Islands belongs to a National Park, please note that you’ll to pay 400 THB entrance fee per person to get there, 200 THB for child. There are two piers on arrival at Phi Phi Don, the Ton Sai Pier in the main village and Laem Tong Pier located in northernmost tip of island. Once in Phi Phi Don for exploring the exciting Phi Phi Leh and its amazing Maya Bay, you can take advantage of long-tail boats to move around at will, the cost of hire is around 1,000-1,500 THB for four hours or 2,000-2,500 THB for a full day, up to 4-6 people. At Phi Phi Don you can also rent a speedboat for a cost of 3,500 THB for a half day, or 6,000 THB for a full day, up to 6-8 people. Alternatively, if you prefer to live this experience in comfort from Phuket or Krabi, you can take advantage from the several day tours offered by many authorized tour operators of both seaside resorts, which allow you to discover whole archipelago. Normally day trips include the transfer by minivan from your hotel to the piers, roundtrip by speedboat, tropical fruit, fruit juice and water on board, lunch buffet, tour guide and insurance. There are several possibilities of excursions, some provide a visit to Phi Phi Don and Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh, others tours include stops in other islands in the surrounding area, as the beautiful Bamboo Island. Price varies depending on the option chosen and quality of services, roughly range from 1,500 to 3,000 THB, including 400 THB of fee for access to the National Park.
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