Dino Park
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47 Karon Road - Phuket ( Kata )
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Dino Park

The Dino Park is a mini golf park with restaurant located between the beaches of Karon and Kata. The theme of 18-hole course is inspired to dinosaurs, with large statues of these prehistoric animals; also the restaurant is themed with characters that reproduce the famous Flintstones. Very popular among adults and children the mini golf, is an ideal destination especially in the evening when temperatures drop, and when the play of light of volcano that erupts every thirty minutes gives the park a charming atmosphere. The miniature golf course is challenging enough, but still doable by all even to children. You will be a switch from a primordial swamp, the crossing of a lava cave, or to do a hole in the mouth of a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is a waterfall 12 meters high to overcome, one other hole consists of a passage under a volcano which erupts lava and fog accompanied by impressive sound effects. Before or after the course you can enjoy a refreshing drink or eat a hamburger at the Flintstones Restaurant served by Fred and Wilma.
Fares: ticket costs 240 THB per adult, 180 for children.
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Average: 2.2 (5 votes)

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