Paradise Beach
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Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu - Phuket ( Patong )
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Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is one of the most amazing and smallest beaches Phuket has to offer. Overlooking incredible crystal clear waters, the tiny beach is hidden on the northern tip of Laem Lam Chiek, the rocky headland located just south of Patong Beach, and offers stunning views of Patong Bay. Lined by shady casaurina trees, palms and tropical almonds, the fine white sand strip like talc is not over 200 meters long and is divided into two small parts by large polished granite boulders. At low tide you can walk between the two beaches, while at high tide you can easily reach the smaller part on the left side following a short path through the rocks, the view that you can enjoy from up there is absolutely stunning. A few years ago, an investment of several million dollars was made on the beach, and one of the largest and nicest beach clubs in Phuket was built. Paradise Beach Club boasts different restaurants offering amazing menus, several shops at Fisherman Walking Street, and exciting evening entertainments as well as Half and Full Moon's parties. Initially, you had to pay an access fee of 500 baht, this charge has been removed and the access to the beach is now totally free. The main beach is fully equipped for sport activities, entertainments and basically is where Moon parties take place. You can have a free area on the right with colored chairs, umbrellas and beds under the trees for a very refreshing time. On the left side, all around the bar area, is the Beach House Day Club with a king size bed accommodation, provided towels and dedicated service from attentive staff with a minimum spending in consuming food and drinks. Sport area is in this left part of the beach offering a variety of beach sport activities but if you feel too lazy for sports you can have fun also swinging from the rope attached to an overhanging tree branch and dropping into the water. The smaller beach on the left is a gem, more private and absolutely quiet, there is a bar that provides drinks and cocktails and is absolutely perfect for those who love piece and desire to have a rest from the world. At Paradise you can do shopping along the Fisherman Walking Street, enjoy the panoramic sunset from the hill top drinking a cocktail, relax, eat, drink, listen to great DJ's, read a book or simply enjoy sun and swim in clear crystal waters. The beach offers safe swimming practically all year round. The best time for swimming and snorkelling is on high tide; at low tide there is not enough water to swim next to the shore. There are large granite rocks at both ends of small cove, while the coral reef is about 100 metres off the shore line, although you won't have to go that far to see plenty of colourful fish. Snorkelling equipment can be hired for about 200 baht from the restaurant. Diving equipment, kayaks and body boards are also available for rental. Jet skiers are actively discouraged from approaching the beach, resulting in a quiet and relaxing location. Although it is less than 6 kilometres away from the busy Patong, Paradise Beach gives you the feeling of being on a remote Island. However, this little hidden paradise has never been secret and has always been highly appreciated by visitors and residents, even before the construction of the Paradise Beach Club, so the beach can be very crowded in high season and fairly busy in low season.
Getting to the beach - At the far south end of Patong Bay, drive across the Patong River Bridge and follow the road that climbs up the hill, turn left at Amari Coral Beach Resort, pass in front of Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa and then climbs up the second hill, from the top a steep downhill road leads to Paradise Beach.
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