Pantip Plaza
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604/3 Petchburi Road - Bangkok ( Ratchathewi )
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Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza is Bangkok’s most famous IT shopping centre, or rather of the whole Thailand. The IT mall has earned this status, because it is without a doubt the best place to find new and second-hand computers and electronic accessories at bargain prices. Pantip Plaza is located on New Phetchaburi Road, alongside Khlong Saen Saep channel in the central Ratchathewi district, just a couple of hundred meters behind the huge CentralWorld Plaza mall. The five-story futureless building is filled with hundreds of shops and stalls specialising in computer hardware, software, both pirated and legit, mobile phones, accessories, as well as repair, modifications and networking. The mall has two anchors, IT City, which occupies the entire fifth floor, and Data IT on the mezzanine level. Despite on first glance the tangle of shops and stalls appears chaotic, there is a certain logic in their arrangement. The ground floor is mostly dedicated to mobile phone and related accessories. There are also some stalls selling software, game, and movie Dvd, as well as plastic toys, like radio-controlled helicopters. The mezzanine floor is home to the large Data IT offering a wide range of electronics legitimate brand. The second floor has plenty of vendors selling unauthorized copies of software, both Windows and Mac, pirated CDs and DVDs, including plenty of porn movies. The third floor is filled with shops selling computer, digital cameras, printers, music players, games consoles and hardware like external hard drives, CPUs, and RAM. The fourth floor has yet more computers, as well as many shops specializing in the repair and assembly of computers. The top floor is entirely occupied by IT City store, which offers brand name computers, printers, headphones and hard drives. This can be a good place to shop as it is a credible and established outlet. Pantip Plaza has some restaurants on the ground floor, while food courts on the mezzanine level and second floor offer a wide selection of Thai cuisine, desserts and drinks.
Getting there: Pantip Plaza is located on New Phetchaburi Road about 800 meters away from Ratchathewi BTS Station, the nearest Skytrain station, and a couple of hundred meters more far from Chit Lom and Siam stations. The fastest way to reach the IT shopping centre is hire a tuk-tuk, unless you want to do a ten-minute walk from each station.
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Average: 2.2 (5 votes)

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