Jungceylon Shopping Complex
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199 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road - Phuket ( Patong )
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Jungceylon Shopping Complex

Conveniently located in the heart of Patong, Jungceylon Shopping Complex is Phuket's largest and most modern mall. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters diagonally opposite the Bangla Road and hosts some 300 stores and a few anchors, as well as an underground parking lot for 100 coaches and 2,000 cars. However, Jungceylon is more than just a large mall. Open since 2007, it is the best leisure destination in Patong, a large entertainment complex containing plenty restaurants and bars, several attractions, a cinema featuring 5 theaters, karaoke rooms, a bowling, a nightclub, a rooftop beach club, and hotel accommodations. Jungceylon is really impressive and is a welcome addition to Patong's shopping and entertainment scenes. The mall derives its name from island's rich and colourful history. Jung Ceylon or Junkceylon was the name often used to refer to Phuket until the18th century, in particular on the old Portuguese and European maps, which was an English corruption of the Malay "Tanjung Salang", meaning Cape Salang. Jungceylon Shopping Complex is made up of two main buildings: the smaller one develops along the "Silang Boulevard", while the largest "Phuket Square" is built around two circular squares. The two edifices are joined by an open-air entertainment zone named "The Port" and a gallery dedicated to the catering called "Sino Phuket". The main entrance is on Rat-U-Thit Road, also known as Patong 2nd Road, the other access is on Pungmungsai-Kor Road, or Patong 3rd Road.
If you come from Bangla Road, the first zone you'll find is the Silang Boulevard. In the plaza opposite the entrance are some international fast food eateries, including The Coffee Club, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Swensens ice cream and Burger King. Decorated in tropical resort style, the Silang's ground floor features Thai and international brand name shops such as Levis Store, Camel Active, Monkey See, Super Sports, Rip Curl, Arsenal, Harnn, Viera by Ragazze, Great American Body, and a few restaurants like MK Gold Restaurants. On the second floor you'll find other several shops like Sports World, Hair Studion 9, Hush Puppies, Big 5 Shop, Surfers Paradise, Big John, Aunya, The Maple Gallery, Envy, Chic, Padary Leather Shop, Big Camera, Top Charoen Optical. A large outdoor staircase and some escalators from Silang Boulevard lead to the basement floor where That’s Siam and Asian Spirit areas are located. Both are filled with over than 200 small boutiques, shops and stalls selling the widest range of souvenirs, handicrafts and spa products from all over Thailand. On basement floor, don’t miss to take your time at one of several massage centers or at Food Bazaar, which is a food court offering an astounding range of authentic Thai street food and international cuisines such as Chinese, Japan, Indian, and Korean. The numerous massage centers provide Aromatherapy, Stone Massage, Foot massage and classic body massages with essential oils.
The Port is a huge outdoor plaza with a large pond and plenty of shaded trees, along with a gigantic canopy. There is plenty of space here, as well as plenty restaurants, bars, and ice cream stalls. McDonald's, KFC, Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Le Siam Thai Restaurant and Shabushi Japanese hot pot and sushi restaurant are located around the square, while Sushi Box, Dairy Queen ice cream and Chicco Di Caffe that serves Lavazza are set under the canopy. The main focal point of The Port is a 20 meter life-sized reproduction of a Chinese Junk Boat equipped with a hydraulic system and catwalk for organizing all kinds of shows. There is also the Jungceylon Musical Fountain that is synchronized with lights & sounds and the special multimedia movies which projected on water screen for your enjoyment every day at 7.00pm and 9.00pm.
Sino Phuket is a reproduction of Sino-Portuguese style shop house buildings, housing many International restaurants with excellent fares and a bustling night life consisting of bars, lounges and wine bars. Starting from The Port, in the left you'll find Bit'n Restaurant, Shooting Cafe, Urban Food, Spoon Cafe, Wine Connection, Spice House, Shell World, Food Adventure, Seoul Barbecue and MacDonald’s. On the right are Lacasa, Pizza Hut, Cafe 101, Cafe Nero by Black Canyon, D Wine and The Irish Times Pub. The 2nd floor of Sino Phuket hosts the Joe Louis Thai Restaurant and Pimnara Boutique Hotel, which comprises of 67 uniquely-decorated rooms designed by 11 well-renowned Thai artists. All rooms are creatively laid out and furnished evoking an enchanting ambience.
Phuket Square is the largest building in the Jungceylon Shopping Mall. This zone is a perfect place for shopaholic and fun-loving people with the widest choice of shops and entertainments. Spread over three floors, there are numerous stores and boutiques selling Thai and international brands, as well as beauty centers, pharmacies, opticians, jewellers and the major Jungceylon's anchors. Robinson Department Store occupies most of the Ground floor and 2nd floor. It has the most extensive network of any department store in Thailand, with a wide selection of International and Local Brand names. Robinson's pricing and merchandising strategies make fashion and style more accessible to middle income consumers. Big C Extra covers a total area of 8000 square meters spread out on 1 floor and 2 floors. This one stop hypermarket guarantees bargain prices and freshness. It also provides a wide choice of gourmet food products from Europe. Selling all kinds of electronics, Power Buy is also on the second floor. The third floor is entirely dedicated to electronics and entertainment. Here you'll find Banana IT, a well known electronics chain in Thailand, a Samsung store, IT Island, a large area filled with numerous stalls selling all kinds of IT related stuff, Magic Theater for magical stuff, Mega force, SF Strike Bowl, XD Theater and SF Cinema City, featuring 5 theaters. The third floor also hosts the first Japanese indoor amusement park for kids in Southern Thailand called Molly Fantasy. Moreover, you can spend a pleasant stay at the luxurious Millennium Resort Patong Phuket, located just a few steps away.
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