Harem A-GoGo Phuket
Bar - Pub : #Enjoy #NightLife
Soi Seadragon, Bangla Road - Phuket ( Patong )
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Harem A-GoGo Phuket

Harem by Suzy Wong’s, formerly Candy Club, is by far the most luxurious Go-Go bar in the whole Phuket Island. Well-known to have the prettiest girls, this red-light club is situated roughly in the middle of Soi Seadragon, right in the hearth of Bangla Road in Patong. Despite being the newest Go-Go bar open on the infamous road, Harem A-Go Go has already been expanded due to the large popularity and its space wasn’t enough to meet the crowd of customers. Nowadays, Harem also extends to the space previously used by Playschool Club, making it the largest Go-Go bar in Phuket. Featuring a great design, with smart dimmed lighting and plush red velvet sofas, Harem A-Go Go has two main stages with four smaller platforms on each side. Some of the youngest and prettiest dancers perform striptease, lesbian like and sexy aerobic shows amongst fancy and super modern decoration. Despite its upscale look, there’s no entrance fee and no hidden costs, as well as in all Go-Go bars on Soi Seadragon. Drinks at Harem A-Go Go are somewhat pricier than in other venues, though there is a special price for Chang Beer, just 99 Baht. All other beers are sold at 195 Baht, lady drinks cost 240 Baht, 200 Baht for waitresses, and the bar fine is 2,000 Baht for standard dancers and 2,600 Baht for coyotes.
Important Note about Touts: Never follow a tout in Bangla Road with his little card of whatever he says you will see in the show! They are not working for Go-Go bars, what they promise is often not real and you will be charged an extra price. Bangla is very small and it's easy to find Go-Go bars by yourself.
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Average: 3.3 (26 votes)

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